The Renaissance Academy is the arts school of the Liber Abaci Institute that have born on November 12 of 2017, and is looking to wake up on the people the artistic appreciation that everyone can take out with own concepts of life experience, also completing the student with an art history degree that goes through time to the first art expressions of the Stone Age to the "Yamato -HI" from Classical Japan, the "Divine Proportion" of the Italian Renaissance and the last art forms like the Cinema and the Digital Arts.

The Collagism will be the principal art form to explore as John of Patmos, the Director of the academy, knows that every person have cultural capacity to create great Collages to inform our world mixing concepts for a better society.

The Renaissance Academy will follow the Golden & Silver Ratio as Standar.

John of Patmos have create Art Music that is a new form of music that goes out the regular aesthetic. Art Music have the purpose of informing cultural and political concepts for better social direccion.

The Renaissance Academy is one of the most complete and innovative arts schools this present days offering art history, visual arts & music studies and the most important aspect of the institution: we will wake up on you the insctinct for artistic appreciation.
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